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4 Signs It’s Time To Sharpen Your Chainsaw 

Signs that your chainsaws need sharpening…

Don’t worry, your chainsaws are not broken, maybe it just needs sharpening. Didn’t notice? There are actually a couple of signs to know if your blades are getting dull. Remember, that a chainsaw must cut through materials with ease. If you notice that there is already difficulty in cutting or your chainsaw is no longer cutting straight then it might be high time to get its teeth sharpened. Nevertheless, they are more signs to watch out for. Here are four signs you need to sharpen your chainsaw!

Here are more signs that you need to sharpen your chainsaw:

  • Poor performance with cutting. This is probably one of the most basic ones to watch out for. Primarily, the main purpose of a chainsaw is to cut neat and even lines. If it can’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do then something is definitely wrong with it. Notice if the cuts are being too slanted. If it is, then you definitely need to have your chainsaw sharpened. 
  •  If the blade feels loose. As soon as the chainsaw blade makes contact with the material and it bounces a bit, then it means that the sharp teeth aren’t that sharp enough anymore to claw on the wood. This is also an indication that you need to sharpen your chainsaw blades.
  • Watch out for smoke. No, we are not talking about the machine part, but rather when the smoke it makes when it comes to contact with the object you’re cutting. First and foremost, chainsaws must never produce smoke when being in contact to different materials. Why does it smoke? It’s because it is causing too much unnecessary friction to the material. Remember, that a chainsaw’s teeth need to claw on. If it doesn’t, again, it makes a smoking sensation. 
  • Too much sawdust is not okay. Although sawdust is part of the process of chainsaw-ing too much of it may be a sign that its teeth are already hanging on to nothing. If in such cases you notice your chainsaw is making too much sawdust while working, then it might be time to sharpen them to get better results on your project. 

The two types of chainsaw sharpeners…

Choose your fighter! There are ideally two types of chainsaw sharpeners that you can use. There are electric chainsaw sharpeners and there are also chainsaw files. Both are saturated in the market, but the most popular ones are the electric ones of course. However, if you’re a DIYer, you might enjoy the chainsaw files more. 

It all depends on what you’re needing. If you have time to sharpen all of the chainsaw’s teeth using a file, then with will be more beneficial cost-wise. On the other hand, if the luxury of having a lot of time is not by your side, then you might want to invest on an electric sharpener.

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