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5 Different Kinds of Lamps Perfect for Living Rooms

What can a good table lamp do to a space?

A table lamp can be considered a timeless piece when chosen correctly. Yes, there are multiple light sources that can grace the living room such as glittering chandeliers or the modern drop light designs, but lamps can bring a whole different vibe to the table. As a matter of fact, lamps can set the mood, tone, and ambiance of a place depending on the intensity of the light it gives.

Pair up good lighting with a very suitable lamp design, and it just might be the missing piece you need to complete the look of your living rooms! Plus, how often do you change lamps? Not even once a year right? So, expect to buy something that can suit your living room in the many years to come! Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing the perfect lamp for your living room.

Consider this…

You can easily choose whatever lamp design you desire out of hundreds! But there are still certain things to keep in mind. Lamp shades have a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from. Each one even boasts a different function (thanks to modern designs). There might be a few factors that might hinder you from buying certain designs and sizes. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. See if the space permits.

Where are you placing the lamp? Are you going to place it on a table? On the floor? Beside the television? The placement of the lamp will matter because it will determine the length and width of your lamp. You can’t put a floor lamp on the table! That will look ridiculous and downright weird. So, long story short, make sure to have the right measurements before buying any lamp.

  1. How much light do you need?

Some lamps let out less illumination than most. Meanwhile, some are bright enough to fill an entire room. A helpful tip is to determine the activities you do the most in living rooms. If you want a more intimate setting for watching films, then opt for table lamps. If you mostly host guests and parties, then a bright floor lamp can also work.

  1. Design-wise, does it fit?

The design also plays a big part in choosing a lamp. After all, if you’re going to place it in your living room then it’s basically something you’ll see every day. You might want to choose something that’s pleasing to the eyes. 

  1. Check the features!

Yes, there are different features to each lamp, specifically the on/off switch. Some are situated close to the bulb, some have a switch on the wires, and some even allow you to control the dimness and the light of the lamp! It’s also nice to check which function suits you the better.

Choosing the perfect lamp…

The height of design choices is endless! But we can start thinking of a specific type of lamp you need in your living room. Here, we’ll get to see all the different kinds of lamps that may suit your living areas. 

  • Table Lamps – These are the lamps that usually sit atop tables near chairs or sofas. They illuminate a warm glow that’s perfect for cozying up with a good movie after a long hard day.
  • Floor Lamps – This can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing features in your living room. These lamps can be situated near windows, tables, or the side of the sofas. It no longer needs a table since they are placed directly on the floor.
  • Study Lamps – If you have an office living room design, then a study lamp might just be the perfect illumination you need to focus on late-night deadlines and tasks. Having a lamp at the bedside can definitely have a motivating factor. 
  • Buffet Lamps – These are basically a hybrid of table lamps and floor lamps. They are tall enough to illuminate an entire room, and yet, are still compact (doesn’t take up a lot of space) when you put them on tables. These are often used in hotels with long tables in living rooms.

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