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5 Different Kinds of Power Outlets and What Makes Them Unique!

If it fits, it sits, they say. Technically, this saying is for cats, but it somehow applies to power outlets as well. From time to time, we see the different designs of power outlets whether we’re in coffee shops, homes, hotels, offices, etc. Though we only ever bother if our chargers can fit into them or not. But, do you know that there is a special function for each design? Here, we’ll tell you about the different kinds of power outlets that we see and their uses and safety functions.

1 15A, 120 Volt Outlets (two-pronged and three-pronged outlets)

This is one of the most common designs that we usually see in old houses, or rather, it’s a common design that graces most homes. This outlet comes with two designs and that’s a two-pronged outlet and a three-pronged outlet. Both have advantageous uses in terms of safety and efficiency, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

  • Two-pronged outlets – These are the two lines of slots that we see in outlets. The design actually provides an ungrounded connection.
  • Three-pronged outlets – This is known as an additional feature in two-pronged outlets. It is one that we see in the bottom of them of a somewhat circular shape. However, this is not merely part of a design. The additional feature actually adds a grounded pin and an extra vertical slot to help prevent electric shock from loose wiring.

For its usage, this kind of outlet is preferred by “light” homes which stores devices and electronics that require minimum voltage and amperage requirements.

2 Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Worried that kids might stick foreign objects inside your outlets? There’s actually a power outlet specialized in resisting foreign objects from entering. Yes, it can detect whether you’re putting in a stick rather than an actual plug. This kind of outlet is called a tamper-resistant plug and is relatively helpful in a home full of curious children.

It is preferred by most households because of its ability to keep little kids out of harm’s way. By having this kind of electrical outlet, adults can confidently navigate their day-to-day chores without having to worry about little kids getting grounded.

3 GFCI Outlets

GFCI stands for ground-fault-circuit interrupter. This is a perfect outlet for ones near bodies of water. We all know what happens when outlets get drenched. Water is their biggest enemy and with good reason. 

Outlets are deemed unsafe once they are in contact with water. By all means, never engage a power outlet when it’s wet. You can be shocked, or worse, even be killed. Not only can electricity travel through water, but it can also shock you through a wet floor.

Luckily, with the use of GFCI outlets, it has the function to detect electrical imbalance with electrical currents and shut off power to that outlet to prevent damage and risks of shock. In a time where deaths became rampant because of wet outlets, the GFCI exists to protect people from electrical shock making it all the safer to work near water without the worries of getting shocked.

4 Switched Outlets

There is a way for you to keep your appliances plugged in without having to doubt whether it’s going to burn up or not. This is one of the greatest advantages of having switched outlets. This kind of outlet lets your devices be plugged in for the rest of the day. Actually, you don’t even need to pull them out. If you want to turn off the electricity completely, just switch off the outlet that it’s in line to. 

5 USB Outlets

It might not be so common in the last 10 years, but USB outlets are now a modern feature that most people enjoy considering that chargers and some appliances now require USB cords. They are now more favored than non-detachable cords because of the duality they possess. 

These kinds of sockets are usually stationed in walls (and not on the lower part of the wall). They are present on study desks or places that are within reach. In this way, you can easily charge smartphones, tablets, and other appliances linked to USB cables.

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