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5 Must-Have Makita Tools For Camping Trips!

The mountainside is probably one of the most ideal places to be if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. But before you plan your next camping trip, you might want to consider these items from the best-performing Makita tools! Yes, you heard us right, Makita is not only for building, construction, or DIY purposes (although those industries are what they are known for the most), but they are also highly effective tools for the outdoors such as camping adventures.

What makes Makita great for the outdoors?

One of Makita’s biggest advantages in the outdoors is its cordless tool features. This is their winning highlight since having battery-operated tools can let you have the liberty to work without getting caught up in wires and the need for electronic sources. After all, it is a given fact that not all outdoors have plugs readily available. 

Its cordless features are also the same reason why they are the ideal tools to bring during camping trips. Throughout the years, Makita has not only been innovating tools, but they are also manufacturing tools that can make our life easier outdoors (and no, they are not construction equipment!).

Makita tools that are perfect for camping trips…

When we say camping trips, the first few things that come to mind are tents, bonfires, and literally anything that relates to the great outdoors. Although our survival instincts are locked and loaded, it would also be very beneficial to bring some gadgets for comfortability purposes. Here are some Makita tools and gadgets that are perfect for your out-of-town trip.

1 Makita FM/AM radio

Don’t expect all mountainsides to be signal-friendly. Your mobile phones are only 50% functional without signals or the internet. And when this happens, you’ll only be left with your phone camera, gaming apps, and other non-internet applications (which sucks). Believe us when we say that there’s nothing like camping trips to take the quote “disconnect to reconnect” seriously. 

So, having a radio will always be a good choice to fill in the void. Plus, when you’re planning on staying there for a long while, it’s not very advisable to have zero news about what’s going down below. The Makita FM/AM radio is the perfect choice to bring to your camping escapades. It features a sleek frame which makes it easier to stuff in bags, here are some more of its notable functions…

  • Makita radio is compact enough to fit anywhere.
  • Rubber antenna that doesn’t need to be extended anymore.
  • It can last up to 30 hours when fully charged.
  • Dual front speakers.
  • Aux jack for those who want to play specific songs.
  • Earphone jack if you want to listen privately.
  • Quick manual tuning for radio stations.

2 Makita cordless coffeemaker

We can all agree that having coffee in the wilderness is heaven-sent. When you go camping, expect that not all luxuries are available to you. Luckily, with this Makita cordless coffeemaker, you can now have that relaxing coffee sip while enjoying a spectacular view of the mountains. This is the ideal coffee maker to take with you since it doesn’t need any electrical source at all. The Makita coffee maker runs on batteries which makes it very much convenient for campers. 

But that’s not all, the Makita coffeemaker proves to be more than what meets the eye. It is favorable for campers because of its storage functions and its overall durability. Here are more of its notable functions…

  • Compatible with cafe pod. 
  • Can accommodate ground coffee beans.
  • Large tank capacity of 240 mL.
  • A dedicated cup fits in the machine. 
  • Includes a no-gap feature for splash and dust prevention. 
  • Also compatible with a commercial mug (up to 90 mm in height).
  • Carry handle for easy transport.
  • No battery adapter is needed.
  • Boil dry protection automatically turns the coffee maker off if there is not enough water.

3 Makita cordless fan

The best feeling in the world is being able to inhale clean and fresh air brought by mother nature. However, take note that not all camping grounds have cool temperatures. Usually, one of the natural weather conditions that you might oppose is heat (especially when you’re in a tropical country). And as much as we want to try and survive a day or two in the wilderness, sometimes these weather conditions might be too much for us to handle. 

The Makita cordless fan is perfect for camping trips in unbearably humid weather. It is portable and rugged, and it doesn’t need a power source since it is battery-operated. Here are more of its functions…

  • Easily removable fan cover. 
  • Quiet running since the wind noise level is reduced. 
  • Automatically swings.
  • There are settings for air velocity control.
  • Large carrying handle for easy portability.
  • Equipped with Battery protection circuit.

4 Makita Power Source Adaptor for Battery with USB Port

Always be prepared when going to places without much power source. Remember that your gadgets are your saving grace. When all things go south during camping excursions it’s very important for phones and devices to be on standby. We all underwent those times wherein we all had to save or shut down our phones during long camping trips, but not anymore! We’re lucky that technological innovations are restless, and now we have portable power banks.

The Makita power source adaptor is the perfect tool to take with you. It can power up to two devices at once! It has two available USB ports that provide quick and easy charging. Plus, it also showcases a built-in clip so you can easily attach it to belts, bags, or other things in general. Unlike other power banks that are fragile in nature, don’t be afraid to go a little hard on your Makita tool since it’s designed specifically for job-site durability.

5 Makita Cordless Fan Jacket

Looking for the perfect camping apparel that can provide you protection and cooling effects? Yes, you heard us right, the Makita Jacket provides a cooling effect that keeps you sweat-free during those hot walks on the open grounds. This is not just the regular jacket that keeps bugs off you, but it’s a smart jacket that offers so much more. Here are more of its amazing functions…

  • Made of a UV and IR reflective polyester fabric.
  • Equipped with two flat fan units with BL motor for increased comfort.
  • The electric power source can be removed from the jacket for machine washing.
  • Jacket lining with zippers for optimum airflow.
  • Loops for name badges on the left chest / left arm minimize holes in the jacket.
  • 100% polyester + titanium pearly coating – Reflects infrared rays and ultraviolet rays.
  • Available in short sleeve and long sleeve.
  • Designed for outdoor work.

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