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5 Signs You Have Faulty Light Switches

Light switches are an essential part of the house to open and close the lights in each room. They are usually pre-installed when you buy new houses and can last for years! You don’t even notice them age, but keep in mind that they do. As durable as they seem, they can’t last forever and they are still susceptible to faults. Here are the five signs you need to watch out for faulty light switches.

1 If your light switches feel hot.

This is a red flag in light switches. First of all, your light switch patch should never feel hot. It should feel cool to touch. If you’re feeling that your light switches are hot then there is definitely something wrong there. A hot light switch plate will feel hot if there is too much voltage running through it. Another consideration is the wiring. 

Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing intense heat with your light switches, better contact a professional to help.

2 When your light bulbs are not promptly opening.

Light switches are mainly for opening lights in rooms. So, in such cases that you notice delays with them, then there might be a problem with your light switches.  But take note that this problem can go both ways. Yes, it might be the light switch, but it might also be the light bulb itself. Let’s give a brief insider of what’s going on…

Light switches are built to stand the test of time. As years pass on, the metals in our light switches could already be susceptible to wear. When this happens, rust and wear can disrupt the flow of electricity prompting them to open your bulbs. So, don’t take it lightly when you find that your bulbs are reacting late when you flick the switches. Replace them immediately!

3 The switch doesn’t feel okay.

You’ll know when your switch is not okay if it’s too loose or too stiff. Light switches need to have a smooth on and off function. By now, we’ve probably switched a lot of on and off switches to know the comfortable feel of them. So, in any case, if you’re having difficulty flicking them, then there’s definitely a problem with your light switch. This can also be a sign that your light switches are too old. Again, it might need replacement.

4 The light switch is sparking!

This doesn’t happen often and you’ve probably not seen one till this day, but let us assure you that it does occur. Going back, light switches produce sparks when you flick them. This is called a load arc. It happens when connections and wires from one another are pulled away. This is an indication that light switches are going bad. Don’t hesitate to get another one! This is a faulty light switch sign that is bound to get worse over time.

5 When your switches are noisy…

You might think that this is the natural work of a light switch, but not it’s not. Let us tell you a little secret… When a light switch is in a good condition, it doesn’t make any sound. Other than the faint clicking sound, it’s not supposed to make any loud clicks whenever you flick them on and off. 

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