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8 Amazing Uses of Makita Angle Grinders

What is an angle grinder?

An angle grinder is one of the most versatile tools used in construction and DIY projects because of its ease of use and efficiency. Angle grinders are also known as disc grinders or side grinders because of their “disc-like” blade shape. They can be used in a variety of jobs that includes cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing. 

Keep in mind that angle grinder discs also differ in kind. So when you’re planning on purchasing one, you have to determine the kind of project you’re going to work on and purchase the kind of disc that is suitable for the task on hand and the material you’re going to work on.

The amazing uses of Makita Angle Grinders…

There are a lot of angle grinders in the market, so why are we focusing on Makita? Makita tools are a certified tried and tested brand that has given us nothing but excellence for years! It is trusted and used by most professionals in the industry. The Japanese manufactured brand has now grown to house several sought-after construction tools that are saturated in big projects. Going back, Makita angle grinders don’t fall short of being one of the best and most preferred tools for construction and building.  Let’s look at the multiple uses on how we can make use of the Makita angle grinders…

1 Use it for sharpening tools.

Proceed with caution and make sure that you have experience in controlling angle grinders when you attempt to sharpen tools. Angle grinders can also be used as a dupe for bench grinders, although it may be a bit tricky because of their flat and disc-like blade. Nonetheless, it is an effective tool for sharpening blades. But again, steady and experienced hands are preferred to get favorable results.

2 Carving wood.

Makita angle grinders have the strength and capacity to carve through the wood. They make an exceptional tool if you’re planning on making tables or table legs. One downside of it is that it can’t be that useful with intricate woodwork. Note that angle cutters are like discs. They are not flexible, nor can they cut little intricate swirlies on wood so don’t attempt to make complicated wood designs with this one.

3 Cleaning metal.

Remember that angle cutters have different kinds of discs. These tools have a reputation for being able to cut through tough materials. But what most people don’t know is that it also has other functions other than “cutting stuff”. Angle grinders can also polish through metals with the use of a wire brush. Feel free to use them in cleaning shovels, tools, lawn mower blades, mugs, rims, and a lot more. 

4 Use it to cut ceramic tiles. 

Prevent chipping off tiles with the use of angle grinders. With these tools, it’s fairly easy to cut through tiles that are still glued to walls or on floors. Simply mark the location where you want to cut or fix a masking tape over it to achieve a straight cut. 

5 It is efficient in removing bricks.

It is an effective tool for removing mortar. Most people have a hard time removing bricks one by one considering that it’s technically glued to a wall. Using Makita angle grinders can be your answered prayer in easily and effectively cutting through them. There is another way to do it by chiseling, but it’ll probably take you ages to take all of the brick in one wall! Using a good angle grinder is the way to do it.

6 Removing paint in cars.

Removing car paint can be quite easy using an angle grinder. Just make sure to change the disc into wire straws! You don’t want to accidentally cut through the car itself. With the use of this tool, you can easily scrape off paint without doing damage to the metal underneath.

7 Removing rust.

You can also make use of angle grinders to remove rust. As effective as it is in removing car paint, angle grinders can also be useful in getting rid of rust. Just make sure to use a wire wheel or brush attachment on the disc and you’re good to go! This is an ideal tool for the job since it can help preserve the metal underneath the rusting metal.

8 Stone cutting.

A well-known tool for cutting through hard materials such as bricks, wood, and also something solid as stone. If you want to make small and precise cuts, make sure to use a smaller angle grinder. Using a more compact one will ideally give you more motion to work on your project rather than a big one.

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