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Among those holding this ideology are lesbians which just be sure to perpetuate an actual anti-men status

Among those holding this ideology are lesbians which just be sure to perpetuate an actual anti-men status

Protestantism: Often made use of generically of the many Christian churches which can be neither Roman Catholic neither Orthodox, the expression a great deal more particularly refers to the course you to definitely originated in new 16th century Reformation. Luther, Zwingli, Calvin while others provided efforts to correct, reform or “protest” the fresh errors within the doctrine and exercise which they watched inside the gothic Roman Catholicism. The brand new 16th century Protestants noticed their fundamental doctrinal variations that have Catholicism to include: Soli Deo Gloria (“in order to God’s glory,” God’s skills and you can fame rather than church/papal sovereignty); Sola Scriptura (“Scripture simply,” new authority of one’s Bible more certified Papal interpretation and you may community), and you may Sola Gratia (salvation “of the grace by yourself,” endless lives received regarding God given that a totally free present of the grace as a consequence of trust on imputed righteousness regarding Christ unlike from the work, rituals, otherwise sacraments).

PROUT, Northampton, MA: An abbreviation getting Progressive Usage Concept, a great Hinduism-mainly based spiritual system exercises reflection and pilates you to definitely https://flirtwomen.net/tr/ claims to enable existence versions to succeed out of animals so you’re able to divinity. PROUT was promoted from the Ananda Marga, exactly who hopes to establish courtesy practice of the idea one globe bodies and you can faith. Proutist Universal, Ananda Marga’s authoritative organization to own creating PROUT, publishes Prout Journal and you may International Times.

Psychic: Occult, Modern. You aren’t so-called supernatural or paranormal efforts accustomed gain hidden training besides four sensory faculties (divination); or, what refers to such as for instance people otherwise present. Reputation offered.

Psychic Recuperation: An enthusiastic occult variety of New age, alternative health care within so-called explore or controlling out of recuperation energy through reach otherwise give actions of the specialist over the diligent to carry health. As well as, employing heart books to assist in wellness.

Psychokinesis: Going capacity to control way out-of actual things by power of the attention by yourself, besides the laws out-of pure physics.

Psychometry: The latest going capacity to find information about an object otherwise an enthusiastic private linked to they, when it is close to, or even in connection with, the thing.

Puranas: Hindu sacred scriptures comprising myths, stories, and you will historic incidents; including occasionally employed by those in the fresh new Decades path.

Pyramid Fuel: The belief, typically according to pyramidology, that old pyramids or even the geometric shape of a great pyramid yields or delivers occult strength or times. Profile available.

Pyramidology: Study of the new Old Egyptian and you will/otherwise Main American ids, that are believed to features secrets to invisible mystic studies or wonders spiritual texts. Discover including Pyramid Strength. Profile available.


Quimby, Phineas P.: Mesmerist and you may therapist whoever metaphysical concepts swayed Mary Baker Eddy (creator of Christian Science)and you can The newest Thought or any other Notice Technology religions.


Revolutionary Feminism: A keen outgrowth of your own significantly more reasonable feminist movement and therefore desired to influence social feedback and laws and regulations in order to mirror ladies equivalence and chance which have guys throughout regions of people. Major feminism, not, forces getting a trend so you’re able to totally free by themselves out of men enslavement and you can exploitation. Theologically, radical feminism finds out dictate within the varied spiritual life style as well as liberal Christianity, liberation theology, deity worship, Wicca, neo-paganism, and you may New age thinking. The newest assortment of your course aids in extensive recruitment and you will promotes if you don’t uncommon political and you can religious associations.

Raelian Faith, The fresh new, Claude Vorilhon (a.k.a beneficial. Rael): UFO class situated of the French publisher Vorilhon, which states possess interaction having jesus-instance extraterrestrials referred to as Elohim. Publications become: Apocalypse (a great quarterly journal), The publication And that Tells your situation, and you may Sensual Meditation. Profile available.

Come to, Inc. (an effective.k.good. Holyland), Bishop Luke Edwards, Meridian, MS; Emele, AL: Tall Oneness Pentecostal category, earlier from the Pentecostal Assemblies around the world. Both people and you will students increase loans from the happening the newest “route” (taking place the street to have months immediately so you’re able to get funds). The most common means is for college students to obtain funds additional stores beneath the pretense of elevating money for mistreated college students.

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