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Outdoor Lighting: 5 Ways To Achieve A Cozy Atmosphere 

Natural lighting is one of the major lighting contributors in the outdoors. But when the sun begins to set and night kicks in, it’s all about the cozy outdoor lighting. All homes and outdoor spaces, in general, want to make people feel warm and comfortable in outdoor settings, and this factor can be achieved through lighting. 

Warm light, white lights, or even hanging lights can be a key aspect in building a cozy atmosphere. Today, we’ll take you over exciting ideas that can make your backyard or open areas a sigh-worthy place to chill with friends and family. 

If you have gardens, try a Waterside String

A real rugged and outdoorsy lighting is a waterside string. You might be familiar with this one if you’ve been in lakeside houses or maybe a barbeque party. It illuminates a warm yellow glow that feels absolutely relaxed. Not only does it do its job in brightening up a space, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing outdoor decor. 

Consider fairy lights for compact balconies.

When dealing with compact spaces like condo balconies, try adding fairy lights to railings as well as the furniture and plant pots. This will create an enchanting illusion in your space. But of course, this doesn’t negate the fact that you still need something stronger than fairy light to completely brighten up the place. A simple lightbulb will do!

Using wall lighting for the outdoors.

Another option other than hanging lights for the outdoors is actually installing your lights on walls. It makes a smart appearance because of its symmetry. All you have to do is choose the perfect design to fit your garden. But it doesn’t just look good for its uniform appearance, but also for the contrast that it makes on walls. Imagine a modern-looking wall lamp surrounded by greeneries, doesn’t that paint a chic picture of your garden?

Uplighting makes everything look classy!

There’s nothing cozier than warm uplighting. However, don’t expect something extra. Uplighting aims to give a soft glow to your space. If you have surrounding plants, benches, trees, and a couple of garden decor scattered, adding uplighting can give it the highlight and definition it needs to stand out. The effect will ultimately be cozy that’s beyond perfect to host an intimate gathering with friends and family.

Add statement with garden chandeliers.

Yes, not all chandeliers belong indoors. If you want to put a statement to your outdoor gardens consider putting a chandelier to warm up the place. It doesn’t need to be modern, the more unique and rustic, the better. Actually, it can also act as a stunning centerpiece to your empty spot given the chance. But beware, to actually hang a chandelier in a garden, it needs something to hold on to and this fact may pose a challenge to those who don’t have this feature in their gardens.

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