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The OMNI Weatherproof Linear Light is What You Need To Brighten Up Your Outdoors! 

Omni is a Philippine brand that caters to a wide selection of lighting options for indoors, outdoors and conventional use. One of the most popular types of lighting is the Omni weatherproof linear light. Its popularity stems from its ability to light up big open spaces which makes them a practical choice for outdoor settings. Most people who use these in outdoor settings have had more pleasing atmospheres than traditional lighting techniques.

Having very good lighting for your yard also has a number of advantages in the long run. Lights have been an essential part of every home and establishment, making them one of the most crucial factors in creating a good ambiance. Therefore, let’s find out why you should consider the Omni weatherproof linear light to brighten up your outdoor setting!  

The advantage of having weatherproof lights.

One of the most frustrating things we notice when we purchase the wrong outdoor lighting is its inability to be “bright enough” to cover the entire place. What most people look for in terms of outdoor lighting, is its ability to provide equal lighting in all parts of the area at an affordable price. The one we have right now has all of those qualities and more! See closely, its notable benefits and why it’s worthy to consider in your next lighting purchase. 

1 Good outdoor lights provide safety and security

A number one priority is safety. Don’t be complacent to leave outdoors without any light. If we’re already having a hard time navigating our way through the house during unwanted brownouts, what more if you find yourself stuck in the middle of an empty lot? Tripping and blindly navigating is not far from happening. 

This is exactly why good lighting is a must. Good and even lighting will allow you to move through your place with ease and comfort. 

2 Creates a warm and welcoming environment. 

The ambiance is everything, especially in outdoor environments. Nights are reserved for a good time with friends and family and good lighting encourages these to happen. Omni weatherproof linear light comes in different colors to really tone your house and fulfill a cozy atmosphere. Plus, weatherproof lights come in different shapes and sizes to cater to all areas of your open lot. Convenient, right?

3 It can light up a pool

Since it is deemed “weatherproof” it can withstand most environmental conditions than regular lights. Therefore, it can also be used to light up pools. It’s fairly easy to swim in the morning but when it comes to nighttime, it becomes dangerous and scary. One of the advantages of having a lit-up pool is the enjoyment of night swimming without having doubts if it’s safe or not.

4 Omni weatherproof linear light is lighter and thinner.

Gone are the bulky traditional luminaires! One of the most promising features of the Omni weatherproof linear light is its sleek and light design. To give you an idea, the traditional kinds are incandescents and halogens that are relatively heavier in nature. Meanwhile, the Omni weatherproof linear light takes a more modern turn with its slim design. It’s highly convenient in usage since it can be used in not just one, but multiple outdoor settings. 

5 Brighter and provides equal distribution of light.

Expect nothing but optimum performance when you have an Omni weatherproof linear light. It doesn’t come with just one wattage, it comes in three different variations. Technically, this model is famous for its ability to provide equal distribution of light you can choose from the available wattages which ones fit your space perfectly!

Let Power Plus be your go-to electrical shop!

Power Plus is an authorized distributor of the finest electrical tools in Manila. We are an official distributor of Makita tools – the most sought-after power tools in the modern market, and a number of the most trusted brands for electrical use. These are Omni, Royu, Firefly, Ecolum, Chint, Schneider, and Dulux.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our site, and check out the tools that you need to power your homes or establishments from the ground up with the most powerful electric source out there! Thank you to Hitlights and Garden Light LED for providing insight on our topic today!

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