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Top 5 Tools For Demolition Projects

Getting rid of heavy-duty built-ins require powerful tools. Let’s just say that you won’t be able to get rid of an entire wall using a hammer alone. So today, we’re going to let you in on the seven tools you need for demolition projects.

1 Reciprocating Saw

This Makita Reciprocating Saw can cut through almost anything! This makes it ideal to have when doing a DIY project, or even better, demolition projects. This tool can cut through wood, iron, plaster, plastic, or stone! So really, if you’re planning on taking down a lot of things, then better have a tool that can cut through different kinds of materials.  Compared to other reciprocating saws, a Makita saw can give you something more that others can’t. What’s more, this tool is also hassle-free since it weighs over just 8 pounds.

2 Demolition Hammer

If you’re planning on taking down big walls, you might want to consider having a demolition hammer. This power tool is headed by a chisel that can dig through walls easily. But it doesn’t only dig through walls, it can also be an effective tool to break through concrete, brick, and another masonry. This tool may look weighty, but in reality, it’s actually pretty light compared to other demolition hammers. 

3 Traditional Hammers

If you’re planning a simple demolition project that’s more like a DIY, then a good old trusty hammer may just do the trick. With all the power tools in the market, it’s easy to be persuaded by innovative features and advanced functions. In that regard, you may as well still consider traditional hammers depending on how big your project may be. Their steel heads and strong handles can also be a powerful tool for breaking and destroying what needs to be rid of. 

4 Sledgehammer

This tool is very similar to an actual hammer but longer, bigger, and better. If a traditional hammer is suitable for DIY projects, then a sledgehammer is built for something more heavy-duty where maximum force is required. If a hammed is more compact, then a sledgehammer features a longer handle that allows you to have more force in your swing.

5 Pliers

When doing demolition projects, you might have to remove some screws or nails that need to be pried out. To have a seamless demolition process, have a pair of pliers with you. So when you encounter nails, you no longer need to scour the tool kit for them. This is one of the essential tools when you have demolition projects so make sure that you have one with you all the time.

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