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Wall Paint Ideas: 5 Creative Paint Designs For Your Walls!

Is your home feeling a bit outdated and just a tad bit dull? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Have you ever considered splashing on some new paint on your walls? Not even kidding, this will undoubtedly breathe new air into your room and completely make your surroundings more alive. You see, in the long run, paint also goes stale and the vibrance of its color fades away. Jumping back into the trend train, there is so much more than the modern world has to offer than just one colored paint. Today, we’ll explore different kinds of wall paint ideas to give your rooms that modern chic aesthetic that’s all the rage everywhere!

1 Do a Harlequin!

Patterns! Try something bold by opting for a harlequin pattern. Most people may find this a bit loud, but it can look and feel subtle too. The key is choosing the right color combination. Ideally, this kind of wall paint idea goes well in the kitchen as it does in the primary bedroom or a nursery. Just by looking at it, the pattern definitely can give a sophisticated vibe.

2 Add texture for an industrial feel.

Are you familiar with sponging techniques? You’ll be quite familiar with the painting technique if you frequent industrial cafes or is generally fond of industrial room aesthetics. Going back, “sponging” is a color washing is a beautiful paint scheme that adds texture and depth to a space. Technically, it gives off an “undone” beauty to it. It’s not a loud wall paint idea (depending on your chosen color scheme) but it will give your room the dynamics it deserves.

3 Make your wall look like a giant painting.

Are you ever a fan of gorgeous paintings? Why not apply it to your walls? It’s definitely a strong statement (a very artsy one!). Don’t be surprised if visitors or people come to ask about it since it will undoubtedly stand as a conversation starter. This will add class to the room, after all, how many walls have you seen painted by Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci? Not many right? Just make sure it’s a painting you enjoy looking at cause that paint’s there to stay for quite some time.

4 Mix it up with a different color. 

Don’t be afraid to paint beyond the lines. One of the most popular wall paint ideas these days is making a circular halo at the back of your focal furniture (bed, sofa, stand-alone drawers, etc.). It adds an accent to the room. Rather than just seeing one solid color (which is not bad!) there’s an element of spunk and zen that radiates in the room. Also, having this kind of wall paint idea is perfect for picture frames and hanging wall decor.

5 Have a classic look and choose one solid color.

If you can’t choose between these wonderful wall paint ideas, don’t ignore a solid wall color. Remember, simplicity is still the ultimate ingredient to achieving elegance. A fresh new color can liven up the room anytime, any day. This is one classy paint move that never gets old.

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